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A "Win, Win Situation" Enroll in diy's Sports Profiles, and send your video to us. We will upload your video directly into your sports profile with search engine searchable tags on YouTube. College coaches can view your videos within your profile and/or they can search for your videos posted on YouTube. Either way YOU WIN!!
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diy specializes in 17 NCAA Sports. In Men's sports... Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Track, and Wrestling. In Women's sports... Basketball, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Track, and Volleyball.
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diy Sports Profiles is YOUR Recruiting Assistant Software!

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Exposure!! The diy Sports Profiles provide incredible reach and opportunity to coaches and athletic departments, and their recruiting efforts. Many college sports programs are now making effective use of the diy Sports Profiles, and our technology tools to help them create new levels of athlete engagement.The diy Sports Profiles can provide valuable access and information which just can’t be captured without the profiles. Even before the recruit steps foot on campus, the right content strategy will have exposed the coaches to the athlete's pertinet information. Once a college sports program demonstrates their interest in an athlete, rest assured the athlete will undoubtedly see a huge spike in the scrutiny of their athletic talents and abilities. The athlete profile gives the coaches the recruitment strategies they need in order to allow the athlete to become a "Recruited Athlete".

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